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proposed remote learning plan removed, future plans for face-to-face learning

On November 6, GPPSS announced the hybrid learning plan for when in-person school resumes. Deputy Superintendent Jon Dean explained that changes may be made to both plans in the future, and he urged everyone to keep a look out for further information.
“Just at this time, keep paying attention to what’s going on. Obviously, things are always changing,” Dean said.
november 24, 2020

return to school postponed, midterms canceled on nov. 6, gppss announced the postponement of the return to in-person learning for high school students to the tentative date of jan. 25. since the entirety...

overwhelmed students and faculty seek solutions

Senior Amelia Schock has been feeling overwhelmed since she started online school in the fall.
november 16, 2020

senior amelia schock says that the online school format implemented at the start of the school year has caused her to be more overwhelmed with class work than ever before. an overabundance of what schock...

the future of face to face learning

the future of face to face learning
november 1, 2020

on march 30, governor gretchen whitmer released an executive order that put michigan on lockdown due to an increased number of covid-19 cases, meaning students were no longer able to attend school. while...

contentious school board elections raises concern among students

contentious school board elections raises concern among students
october 30, 2020

senior joe mieczkowski believes that the current school board election is the most contentious one of his lifetime. he attributes the tension not only to the political polarization of the country, but...

lesson planning for students during online school

may 5, 2020

as the year progresses, more and more information about the covid-19 pandemic comes out. life has changed for many americans as restaurants, bars and offices have closed down in michigan. most importantly...

covid-19’s impact on anxiety sufferers

may 5, 2020

in the midst of a global pandemic, economic downturn and international quarantine, the mental health of americans is a growing public concern.  to help alleviate students’ negative feelings, school...

staying in shape during quarantine

may 4, 2020

 for many of us, working out is a staple 0f our everyday lives. whether it’s a 50 year old grosse pointe mom going for a run on the treadmill, or a 6'5" division i athlete hitting some bi's and tri's,...

district switches to google hangouts after zoom privacy concerns

may 4, 2020

as schools around the world are transitioning to online schooling, most are turning to zoom, an app that allows teachers, students, board members and more to connect through video chat. while zoom is the...

counseling staff to assist students with mental health amid tragedy

Senior Emily Widgren thought the intent of the wellness week was good, but believed some of the activities didn’t fit the circumstances. She said the wellness week was too far after the incident to have been helpful for students’ initial grief. “Everything was more for stress relief,” Widgren said. “But, I think the situation was so much bigger than that.”
april 15, 2020

following the death of a student, north’s building crisis team immediately began working to support students through the process of grieving. counselor jennifer sherman assisted in the process of creating...

administration unblurs the lines between memorialization and glorification

After original messages designed to memorialize the death of a North student were dismantled by administration, students from both North and South came together to send a message to the community that “You R Loved.”
april 13, 2020

in the wake of the death of a student, a group of students gave tribute with banners on the north baseball field fence and painting a rock in front of south, generally referred to as “the rock.” soon...

students, staff reflect on covid-19 school closures

april 3, 2020

for many, time off from school in march and april means spring break. unfortunately, the circumstances for the time off now may not be as enjoyable.  in response to the coronavirus pandemic, all k-12...

schools continue teaching through online programs

april 2, 2020

in the midst of global school closures, students, teachers and parents are transitioning to online learning. for students, this can mean video meetings with teachers or completing work that has been posted...

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