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do the good dye young?

do the good dye young?
november 20, 2020

despite having been launched by paramore frontwoman hayley williams in 2016, the good dye young hair dye brand has only recently gained traction in the world of social media. it has been especially popular...

lashes for days, or not: milk makeup’s kush mascara

Lashes for days, or not: Milk Makeup's Kush Mascara
october 30, 2020

mascaras have been a game changer for the beauty industry since the first commercial-selling mascara was invented in 1822, with the very first mascara dated all the way back to 3500 b.c. mascara has also...

nyx lip creams: a day of color

nyx lip creams: a day of color
april 19, 2018

the nyx soft matte lip creams have been a part of the beauty community since 2011. they were a new product, since liquid lipsticks were very uncommon. today, they are still a popular product, and makeup...

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